SATA 3 PCIE Card or New Motherboard

Hi All,

I have a new OCZ Agility 3 90G SSD which is now installed on a SATA 2 port.
Since my Motherboard (Gigabyte GA-H55-UD2H) does not support SATA 3, my SSD will be running slower.
I have three options:
1. Get a SATA 3 PCIE Card for 15 euro
2. Buy a new Motherboard that supports SATA 3 for 160 euro.
3. Leave as is :(

The thing is, I dont really know if the PCIE Card will work or if it is a trustworthy solution.
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  1. It would be an interesting experiment to benchmark the ssd as it is now, get a sata 3 pcie card, and benchmark it when hooked up to it.
  2. Most Pci-e cards use a 3rd party controller (ie such as marvel) that does not provide optium performance. With the agility III, the diff between running it on Sata III vs Sata II will not be a big diff in real life performance - benchmarks yes. Myself, I'd probably skip the card upgrade.

    The biggest diff will be in sequencial read/writes, which are the least important matrix for a OS + Program drive. It is the random 4 k that are important.

    Your choice on getting a new MB, it will provide USB3 and Sata III. Is the benifit worth it - hard choice interms of $$$ vs performance boost.
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