Best 1156 Mobo for i7 870 for around ~$100-200

Hey guys. I was wondering if I could get recommendations for quality Mobos for the i7 870. I can spend around 100 to 200 dollars and it can go a little over if needed. I am looking for reliability and future upgradibility. Thanks for any help/recommendations.
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    Asus P7P55D-E Pro.
  2. Yes,that's a great board,my vote goes for it too.
  3. Thanks for the advice!
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  5. I am also thinking of getting the same board but was wondering if the new board will mean I have to get new memory, or does the cpu determine the latency/voltage of the memory and not the board? Also what is a good psu for this board over 600 watts will be good please.
    sorry for hijacking but our issue is same.
    maybe you will know.
    cheers mate.

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