Crossfire with 2 5670's or just one 5850?

Hey, I was just wondering if I should go with 2 5670's in Crossfire mode or just get one 5850? Any advice is appreciated.
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  1. Get 1 5850 in my opinion. Not every game can use CF and I always believe in a solid single card solution for builds
  2. Thanks, I just needed someone to help me with that. Plus if I get the 5850, I can eventually Crossfire it if I ever have the spare case and get that extra "umph."
  3. 1 HD 5850 is the best option...
    Not that Crossfire doesnt have any significant gains, but that card is weak to do crossfire with...
    See that the HD 5770 is significantly faster than the HD 5670 crossfire...
  4. 5850 best option.
  5. Two 5670s would get hammered by a single 5850. It'd take two 5770s to trump a single 5850... and even that isn't a given in all tests.
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