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I have just bought a new dell system it is a slim desktop. I thought, by buying a new system my husband would be able to play all his games as well as some newer ones. However, he can't play any of them. Our old system was a Pentium 4 and was about 8-9 yrs old. Our brand new one is telling us the Multimedia card wont support his games. How do I know what one I can upgrade too, wihtout spending hundreds of dollars.
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  1. Its certainly Your GPU(Graphics card)

    You have an integrated card which is not powerful enough to play the modern age games.

    Here are some suggestions

    For $50
    Radeon 4650 HD
    Will give you good performance in almost every game upto resolution 1280x1024

    For $65
    Radeon 4670 HD
    Will give you good performance in almost every game upto resolution 1680x1050

    For $120-130
    Radeon 5750 HD or GeForce GTS 250
    Will give you great performance in almost every game upto 1920x1200

    I think you won't spend more than that, right?

    Choose according to your monitor resolution

    These are the best you can get by paying your money.

    GooD LucK
  2. I have a slim desk top from Dell, and the screen resolution is 1600 X 900. Will the above all work on the slim desktop to your knowledge. Someone mentioned I need to confirm the buses, but I'm not sure what they mean.
  3. The unfortunate truth is a slimline PC is not meant for gaming. The reason being is no one really makes slimline gaming cards and the power supplies for slimline machines are usually pretty small.

    I am not sure what model dell you have but chances are it has a small 250w power supply and you can maybe upgrade to something small, but ultimately isn't really meant for games.

    This is probably one of the best low pro cards you can get. a 9600GT, but my thoughts it the power supply isn't up for the task unless it is a dell 305W or higher.

    What makes a gaming machine a gaming machine is a beefy video card and a big enough power supply to run it. That is about it.
  4. Well, it just depends on how slim your machine is. The really small ones often don't have any PCI-E or molex connectors inside meaning the GPU has to make do with what is supplied by the PCI-E interface and probably has a really weak PSU (like 200W). If that is the case then I say go with this 9500GT

    If you have a 300W or so unit, you may instead want to go with this faster 4650

    Or you can go with that low power 9600GT previously suggested.
  5. How do I find out if it is 305w or higher?
  6. As you can tell, I don't know a whole lot. My system is a Pentium R Dual Core CPU E5300 @ 2.60 GHz, 2600 MHz RAM 3.0
  7. Ugh. Another unsuspecting victim of the slimline system. This seems to come up at least once a day, and the answer is invariably...

    1. No, you cannot fit a good graphics card in a slimline case

    2. Even if you could, slimline systems always have a power supply that's too small

    3. No, you cannot really get a better power supply for a slimline case. They're all crappy.

    Basically, I would send the machine back if you can and get a different (non-slimline) system.

    If that's not possible, get a new tower case, move the motherboard/RAM/CPU to the new case, and then add a normal power supply and video card. Then burn the slimline case and make sure to tell everyone you know to never, ever buy a slimline system.
  8. I just got it three weeks ago from Dell, I didnt realize spending $800 on a system, would cause so many issues. Im totally bummed. My old system was a Pentium 4, Windows XP. I had no issues, other than the ram couldn't be upgraded. We didnt realize by buying a slim desktop of all the extra hassles, we were just trying to save space.
  9. Someone suggested an ATI Radeon HD4350, is this any better than the ones listed above. I can't return the system, so I'm stuck with what Ive got. My hubby likes playing a few RPG games, Drakensang, Dungeon Lords, Might & Magic.
  10. Unfortunately even talking to some of their sales people doesn't help much these days. Heck even going to Best Buy doesn't help because their "tech people" are not exactly the caliber that I would take advice from. My cousin bought a laptop and said he wanted to play games and ended up with onboard video and was out of luck. The Dell rep told him it would be perfect. I told him to discuss it with me first, but, oh well.

    You could always try and pitch a fit with dell and send it back, it that is possible anymore. It just seems that the PC is not the design you need. OR possibly sell it to someone you know looking for a PC and saving them a few dollars.

    Worst case, you could always buy your hubby an xbox or PS3. Oddly enough some people opt for this route as a cheaper fix.
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