Novice water-cooler here - could use some help!

I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to water cooling - I have an aio cooling loop for my gpu and a pretty good air cooler for my cpu, but I just want to spruce the pipes up a bit. I'm thinking about copper pipes with compression fittings and adding a reservoir and that's about it. The barbs on my radiator and gpu block are 1/4" ID, what size copper tubing would I need and also what size compression fittings would be needed? I know most reservoirs have 1/2" threads, so I could just get a 1/2" thread to 1/4" barb fitting (do they sell these?) Also what is a G1/4 fitting - i've come across this quite a lot and I still don't know what it is. Thanks a lot! :D
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  1. G1/4 - This is the one that confuses the most people. This refers to the threaded fitting standard that is used by almost all waterblocks and radiators. It is the end of the fitting that gets screwed into the block or rad; the other end of this same fitting is measured with the I.D. standard for tubing size. If you are unsure if the threaded fitting size is G1/4 double check before threading the fitting as you can easily cross thread a fitting that isn't using this standard.

    Did you take a look at this

    Well, I'm building a water cooling rig soon, it is first time, so, I'm having questions too about water cooling and compressions fittings, which brand CPU & GPU blocks to use with which radiator or buy a complete kit,etc. I'll start a thread for it soon.
  2. lemme see if I can get this right... are you trying to mod your AIO cooler to work in tandem with a cpu block by adding tubing+compression fittings to the AIO cooler?

    if yes, then:
    1| don't bother going that route as your temps will hit the thermal ceiling very fast when you'll be gaming as one 120 mm rad isn't enough for dissipating heat form both gpu and cpu.
    2| the cost of the project won't even come close (performance wise) to a a real watercooling loop with the proper raddage.
    3| that money is better spend on some ram or fans or maybe a new case.
    4| tubing is usually of plastic. The copper tubing you're speaking of can be had at a local hardware store however getting it to work off a AIO coolers pump will be very(stress on VERY) tricky to get it right.
    5| galvanic corrosion is highly possible when you'll be running a mixed metal loop with a coolant other than that which came factory filled.

    If no, then disregard all that I've posted and keep reading the watercooling sticky.

    * I'm showing concern as I did a mod but I had no one tell me not to do it - only a blank thread with only my posts asking+bumping my own thread :)
  3. No, he's not putting a Cpu block onto the allinone Gpu cooler Lutfij, he just wants to replace the original tubing to make it look better :)
    I wouldn't bother Trollface, if you are going to that extreme to mod an allinone, save time,money and grief and just go for your first real loop mate :)
  4. :) I figured as much - anything to do with AIO's is still a no from my side :D
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