1366 Cooler (i7 920)

Im looking to get a cooler to replace the horrid noisey stock cooler. Im not really planning to overclock as i basicly play some mmos like wow and sto and then just team fortress CS unreal etc. i do a bit of avi to dvd converting then the rest is emails and net surfing . So basicly i want a cooler that is quiet but still keeps temps down cos i seem to be idleing at 45-50c. theres loads about but id like to know from people that have one rather then take a risk and turns out to be rubbish

Im looking to spend around £35 ($53)
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  1. you wont get better then the cooler master hyper 212 plus for under £35
  2. yeah i looked at the hyper 212 and wasnt sure seemed to cheap to be true lol
  3. ^Why? I have one with my X4 955 and can OC until 4GHz at 47C max in load. Bear in mind, that the airflow of your case must be good enough.

    Now, if you want something really good, u need the Noctua NH-D14 or Thermalright Venomous X, but the price is a little more that your budget.
  4. only thing that could match it for price to performance is the Titan Fenrir TTC-NK85TZ its a bit more expensive then the hyper but performs a lil better
  5. Thanx for you answers so they both pretty quiet running?? cos i saw Zalaman CNPS10X-Performa & CNPS10X-Quiet were in my buudjet but cant find to much on them as they seem to be new out
  6. I'll find benches later if you want, but those Zalmans don't turn out to be all that - your your price range you can't beat a Hyper 212+ or the Titan Fenrir (which is now in a revision B it seems). The Cogage True Spirit was good too, but don't seem to be around any more since the release of their new Arrow.
  7. That be great if you can i just want to make sure i get the best for my money .
  8. ^Don't worry, we don't give a bad advice here.
  9. Dont worry i trust you :P .On a added not i brought a dell xps 9000 refurb cheap and then striped the parts i wanted blu-ray,ram,cpu, hd and then sold rest on ebay. But i still got the case which seem pretty solid and has good air flow but i also have my antec P182 from my last system . which do u think would be best for cooling and noise
  10. ^I will go with the Antec.
  11. well i read a few reviews and as it was on special took a risk with the Zalaman CNPS10X-Quiet and i got it yesterday easy to fit but it is a very very big cooler comes with all brackets from AM2 775 and the new intel 1366 and 1156. I cant even hear the fan on it my PSU seems to make more noise. Temps idle seem to be around 30-32 compared to my 48-50 stock and when im play unreal or wow hits 38-40 and same when converting a avi to dvd. As for case i went back to my p182 and glad i did cable managment is alot easier just need to see if i can find my other molex cable for my modular psu to connet the to top fans . but i have orderd a Hyper 212+ for my brother pc so il let u all know how that compares

    Thanx again for you help
  12. Good, enjoy your rig and your OC.
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