Death by Standby mode?

Hi guys!

I'm asking for a friend of mine who only speaks hungarian, so please be patient because it's hard for me to get specs out of this guy - cause I don't speak hungarian either :)

The problem: fully functional machine, Vista 64bit, some Intel quad, "some" MoBo, "some" NVidia GeForce GTX 285 and 4 Gigs of "some" Ram (I believe Corsair Dominator) was accidentally switched to Standby (the guy never used Standby before) and now can't be switched on anymore.

What happens: the system starts running, you can hear the HDs and fans etc., then stops, starts again and keeps running, but no monitor output or anything else happening but "being on", period.

That's what I got out of him - if anybody manages to make heads or tails out of this, we'll be happy :)
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  1. Stop the system. Unplug PSU from wall socket. Push the power button. That should get rid of all the energy left in the PSU.
    You might try also clearing the CMOS.
    Plug the PSU back. Start the computer.
    I hope this works.
  2. Allegedly this has already been tried, except for the CMOS clearing. I'll advise to do this and then reply again :) Might take a while though...
  3. CMOS clears usually do the trick. I'm sure his motherboard supports Standby but it may not have been set to the correct profile in the BIOS, so tell him to check the options there.
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