Is this possilbe

Between vista being I feel went back in technology and too many safety's security's and many more subjects to hold computer abilities, I like the widows xp systems.
I do many types of design, research, undeveloped tectonics and things a computer tech would not even think twice of doing. That is why I would like to have the power and speed mixed with the best of the windows xp.
My question and idea is can two mother board and to hard drives be wire-connected together and operated together in the same computer and them get along with each?
Both assisting one another and working together at the same time in many different levels?
My thoughts are with this much available in one computer and with the right soft ware and maybe a third computer as a type of referee for the two, this could open massive speed and ability at the drop of figer tip.
Break downs on formula or decrip would be seconds and spell check write error with a note bar to make sure that's what the operator wanted.
To me, vista is the most corrupt bunch of hassle I've used in a long time, it's as bad as when computers were in the green and one wrong push of the buttons and turn it off for 24 hours.
Xp had the right Idea and should have stayed with, thirty years of notes why did the ever change to vista?.
I would enjoy hearing from those who common science sense and theory mixed with a personality that says anything is possible
Thank you
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  1. You cannot tie two or more Windows computers together like that and run standard software. You can tie multiple computers together using a simple Ethernet switch and run your own custom software across all the computers.
  2. Beowulf cluster. ;) (not with XP of course)
  3. Hawkeye22 said:
    Beowulf cluster. ;) (not with XP of course)

    I started to say the same thing, but then I decided to string him along with hope he could stay on Windows ;)
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