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Windows 7 CLONE

Hi, can someone please help me

i need to clone windows 7 over 60 computers. (it is for a school and i have a Schools agreement with Microsoft, all the Operating systems use the same Key. Im doing this legally by the way.)

i used Norton Ghost for win Xp.

but my real problem is, what can i use to configure it so that on the 1st logon i can change the Computer name and the Domain.

i had a program to do it on win xp, but it will not work on 7.

any advice would be very helpfull

thank you
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  1. Are you just cloning the system as is or did you prep it for distribution? You should not just clone an existing setup as is and plop the image on a second system, need to do a bit of work to get it ready for use on multiple computers with a volume license.
  2. i am configuration it. there is apps to be installed and some files to be copied on the windows self. otherwise it is just a clean clone, where i need to change the name of the Pc, and add a domain name
  3. how ive done it before was, i took each harddrive and cloned it with Norton ghost 2003. i had a standard based image.. that image concluded win xp sp3, with office installed and Cami (a children's application) installed. there was a app on, so on the next logon. the computer would ask me for a new user name, pw, serial key, computer name and domain name. so every computer weren't the same.. its still running like that at the moment with no problems at all

    i can clone. i know how, and it can be done. my real problem is for the computer to change the name ect. on the next logon

    so that i can clone 70 harddrives physicly in 1 computer. and then i put each of that harddrives in every computer so that i can complete the installation

    am i making alot of work for myself? or should i use some other application to clone the drives? mabe on the network?

    i dont know. all options are open for the at the moment
  4. Read the links I posted. Are you talking about sysprep for XP? You need to run the Windows 7 version of sysprep now, just like you did before for XP.

    Just cloning a drive and making that image suitable for multi-PC use are very different things, the second requires several more steps, which are explained in the documentation I linked.
  5. ah yes sysprep. thats what i used. it worked well for me, i will get sysprep for 7 thanx.
    do you mabe know what software i can use for the cloning. like norton ghost?
  6. all the computers have the exact same hardware. so that would not be a problem. what Cloning software do you recomend?
  7. Sysprep is included with Windows 7


    Make sure you image the whole drive, not just the windows partition. That was fine in xp but windows 7 creates a 100MB partition when it is installed which needs to be included.
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    You can use ghost for cloning, there is also a free one called clonezilla.
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  10. Thanx Hang-the-9, you are very helpfull.

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