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Hey guys,

I'm currently looking into watercooling for my cpu (I don't use a gpu anymore since I don't game anymore), and my main concern is if this will make my pc more quiet than it is right now. I do not have any experience in the field of liquid cooling.

My PC:
i5-2500K @ 4.2 Ghz
CM silent pro M700
CM 690II advanced with the 3 stock fans.
CPU cooler: Scythe Mugen 2 Rev. B (one of the most relatively silent hight performing air coolers out there)

I have room for 2 240 rads, one of which could be push-pull and the other pull only.

What do you guys think, should I just buy a couple of new fans, or should I go ahead and install a set of custom water cooling.

If i'd do so, my budget is about 300EUR, and I was thinking about
-some fans
- a 240rad push pull
-xspc raystorm cpu block (the cheap one, not the copper/chrome one)
-a silent pump (any advice?)
-a reservoir (bay/double bay)
-a fan controller
-other stuff like fittings, tubes etc

Thanks in advance!
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  1. If you just want regular watercooling for CPU I highly recommend some of Corsairs products. I have a i7 960 LGA 1366 CPU and use a Corsair H60 watercooling system. It all comes ready to mount and use, everything compleatly seald and with high standard pumphead and radiator. The only component that they could done better is to have a more high standard fan thats included in the box because it sounds very anoying. I replaced it with a Noctua fan and that only sounds about 15-20 db, dont remember the exact number but is so soundless it could be. Corsairs fan is a 4 pin PWM and the Noctua is a 3 pin without PWM, but you dont need that feature. The pumphead has a high quallity contact paste in the right dimension for all CPUs. Have overclocked my CPU from 3.20GHz to 3.63GHz and the watercooler keeps the temp under 77 degrees C even with the hardest burn-in/stress test I ever have download (Intel Extreme Tuning Utillity version 2.0). H60 use 120 mm fan mounting so you have to screw away the 140 mm fan I guess you have at the rear. They also have bigger radiators that is thought to be mounted in the rouf but thats realy for high end gamers. Have a Coolermaster HAF 932 Advanced case myself so the H60 will fit your case well. One imported thing I discovered is that you only can screw the radiator on place one time, the screwholes on radiator will be destroyed and just spinning round if you do this more than one time, so be sure you mount it right the first time! Recommend you to mount it with the 2 tubes that goes to the pumphead uppwards. It can be a bit tricky to mount it so you have to ask another person to hold the pumphead and tubes for you when mounting. Dont make it more complicated with building a homemade cooling system if you want it simple and at a nice cost. Good luck!
  2. Forgot to say that the pumphead from time to time only sounds a little bit with a "surpling" sound when pumping around the water but is absolutly noiceless and not disturbing at all even if you happens to sleep 1 meter away from your PC.
  3. First of all, push pull does not fit on the top in the 690 II Advanced!

    You can do a pull setup for the top 240mm rad, and a push+pull for the bottom 240mm.

    Older photo:

    Fans pulling up on the EX240.

    Watercooling Loop:
    CPU Block-Danger Den DD-M6
    Radiator-XSPC EX240
    Reservoir-XSPC Dual Bay Res
    Pump-Alphacool VPP655
    Fittings-1/2" x 3/4" Chrome XSPC Compression Fittings
    Tubing-1/2" x 3/4" Watts Tubing
    Fans-2x Corsair Fans
  4. Well my opinion on this is that if I do watercooling, it has to be custom :)
    And my plan for custom is exactly what amuffin has, only a bit sized down.
    But my question is, if I do custom cooling, can I make my PC a lot less noisy or not, and if so, how much rads etc should I buy?
    (my cpu has an output of +-120W: 95W TDP, oc'd from 3.3 to 4.2 Ghz)

    BTW, amuffin, nice rig :D
  5. 10 day old response but have you thought of reading up on the watercooling sticky? it has the TDP calc that you very urgently need + the need to "size-down" from what amuffin is running.
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