Gigabyte p35-ds3l

i have gigabyte p35-ds3l and been using it for around 2 years now. i use winxp before until 3 months ago i upgrade to win7 ultimate 64bit.. one thing i notice, everytime i play movie/mp3/game.. my system hangs for about 5-10 mins. i have tried different players and still the same so im assuming that this is an audio problem.. anyone got the same problem or knows the fix?

my pc: 2.4ghz c2q with dual channel 4gb ram
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  1. 1. Make sure you have the latest drivers.

    2. No, I have a P35-DS3L rev 2 and don't have this issue.
  2. I also have a P35-DS3L and windows 7 ultimate and don't have any of those problems.

    Go to gigabytes website and download the latest drivers.

    Download your video cards latest drivers too.
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