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When my wireless router was set up the SSID/network name as "john doe". The SSID was changed "everywhere". Yet when I connect the ehternet cable to the lap top, the OLD "John Doe" name shows up as a LAN connection while the new SSID name is also connected as the WLAN connection. I was told that the name of my ethernet card was changed to John Doe. Is this possible? How do I fix it?
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  1. Control Panel --> Network and Internet --> Network Connections

    Right-Click on John Doe and select rename, change to Local Area Connection
  2. Da_Stig-It never shows up in my network connections. I did right click the LAN connection with the name "john Doe"- went into the properties. The name is Broadcom Netlink. Very Strange....although the LAN connection is NOT connected to the internet while the WLAN is. I hope this makes sense. I have a print screen. The router tech said the ethernet cards name was changed when the router was configured.
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