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Pc quit, hdd missing about 100gig

First my computer started giving me problems, the wireless quit, the dvd quit and several other things. So I tried to do a factory reset, got a blue screen, and no longer able to boot. Removed hdd, hooked it up to another pc, used "EasUs" to format the hdd, and run a surface scan, my 250 gig hdd is only showing about 142 gig. Tried to reinstall xp, vista, and linux, every time I get a blue screen, and a error that points to a hdd problem. How do I find the missing gig, I don't think it because of the whole 1000/1024bit thing, it does not add up to the right amount missing.
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    I would tread your symptoms as failed drive and replace it.
  2. Have you removed your partition and repartitioned the drive?
  3. After trying a few other things, I decided it was bad, kind of knew it to start with but was hoping for the best.
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