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I recently purchased a new monitor the LG w2361v, I used to use (before the upgrade) a crt monitor, with this switch of monitors I have lost most of my performance in my game Counter Strike Source. I was getting 300 fps with the crt, now I get below 60 most of the time. I game at 1920x1080 resolution. My specs for my computer are as follows,

amd 940
8 gigs of ddr2
sapphire 4850x2
asus m478 pro
cosair 750 watt power supply
windows vista 64bit
LG w2361v Monitor (23")

I have updated all my drivers, and done all window updates.
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  1. did you turn the on the v-sync? other than that have you try older driver?
  2. What resolution were you gaming on the CRT? Also 1920 x 1080?
  3. i was running at 1024x7something. i want to be able to play counter strike source at 1920x1080 and never go below 60 fps. so do i need a new video card ?
  4. you can not see more than 60 fps on your new monitor and on crt you was able to see 75. Also there is huge diference when you play somthing on 1280x xxxx or on 1920x xxxx. you can not ekspect too have the same fps now
  5. i was thinking that my system should get a solid 60 fps or above. what upgrade do i need to make to get 60 or above all the time ? i cant stand playing with my fps under 60 cause it is glitchy
  6. dipending of the game you are playing
    i have e7500, 4890 vipor-x oc, 4g ddr3 1333 ram and i am playing at 1680x 1080. In crysis (all max 4AA ) i get about 35-40 fps and on cs i get 60 fps. that is 'cos your monitor can only show 60fps
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