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Why won't they let me purchase a windows XP computer any more?

Though I find 8 UI a steaming pile of you know what, I'm pretty happy with the Windows 7 interface, have it running on my laptop.
This desktop i'm using to post this question, runs XP SP3, and it's brilliant.
What I'm saying is, maybe you guys love 7 and 8, but XP is still, pretty strong.
I understand microsoft needs to make money. but this is nothing less than a punishment to the consumers.
I hate metro, and yet metro would be forced upon me just a few days from now.
Why's microsoft becoming like apple? the best thing about microsoft was it's openness (not open source, but the freedom to use things the way an user wants. We'd be allowed to choose classic view if we didn't like XP or 7). But with 8, it looks like microsoft is just trying to force me to like something which i don't want to like.
I am a "computer" person, I don't like tablets. And i seriously don't want a touch optimized UI with huge 'tiles' or whatever on my 20 inch desktop monitor.. I want my start menu back. Call me a retard, call me a technophobe, call me what you will, but i really want my start menu back. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants the start menu back.
Why Microsoft? Why are you punishing us?
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  1. Nobody is forcing you or anybody else to use or buy windows 8.
  2. yea, but i can't live forever with one computer, eventually, some day or the other, i will have to upgrade hardware.... do i make sense? :)
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  4. Your welcome and thanks for joining the forum.
  5. Thanks for the link 51 :)
    I've gotten rid of windows 8 just a few hours back, couldn't stand those huge ugly boxes all over my desktop any more so unfortunately, can't test if this stardoc thing is as good as my windows XP / 7 native start menu, if it is, it's something i'm really looking forward to, when i get a new computer this Christmas :)
    IMO, Microsoft should have included this option within the operating system, instead of trying to force people to what they think is cool. That's so like apple, and i absolutely HATE apple.
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