Buffalo LinkStation 1TB (LS-CH1.0TL) - need help with recovering data

yesterday i've experienced a BIG problem with my nas. i've had it for 2 years without any problems until now

i switched it on and the blue light just keep flashing on and off until it switches off itself and then it repeats that same process again. it switches itself on and then the blue light flashes on and off and then it switches off

so what i done is open the box up, take the hard drive off and plug it into my machine. i then tried to use a couple of programs (one of them was ufs explorer) to get my files off but no luck.

i then found out that its gpt oem partitioned. i dont know much about this sort of thing and i thought it would be a quick solution to the problem.

does anyone know how i can get my files off?

its a buffalo linstation 1tb (ls-ch1.0Tl)
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  1. this link is video of what exactly is the problem

  2. So I have the exact same problem and am trying to get to a solution. My messing around has resulted in the light now blinking long 2 times and short 2 times, which is a failure to mount. This happened after trying to update the firmware. From what I am reading taking the drive out and trying to read it in another machine is pointless as the Linkstation has its own processor and format, Linux based, which a normal Windows PC won't be able to read/recognize. I hope you find a solution and that you post it back here.
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