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Hi, Everyone

is a new year prices go up, i recently had an issue with my nas the hd died taking my last backup along with it, thinking on a solution and not thinking about a hd dying on me, i think an online solution would be great.

anyone has some yearly sign ups or coupons for online backups?

im looking to backup about 80 to 150 gb.

my budget is around 40$ :)
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  1. Is that $40/month or $40/year?
  2. yea 40$ a year
  3. I've used several and have been very happy with MYPCBackup. I think once you try them, you'll agree that nobody else can touch them in terms of quality, customer service and security.
  4. oh thanks, yea i have been doing some exploring out there, i found a few nice ones but i think im going to go with one for 37$ bucks a yr is right at my alley . i found a 65% off coupon sign up, happy camper face!

    here its.

    ZenOK Online Backup

    Backup Everything. In Real Time. 2gb and 21gb free it has limitation tho.
    With ZenOK OnlineBackup, it's easy to store and access files online. You have plenty of storage space. Just add your important files to your online backup. Everything you choose to include will be there for you to download on any computer, simply by using a web browser.

    ZenOK Backup Online | Data Warranties | Data Protection | Data Guaranteed Safe


    here is the 65% off link for the paid online backup 37$ yr
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