Repeated Short Beeps, System won't boot.

Hi I found my computer with a black screen this morning, been having some problems with it lately and now it seems it's really done for ;P

I've been following wich says:
Verify POST beep codes
Continues beeps or 1long 2short beeps = possible memory error
• Try re-seating memory or test with different memory

the BIOS version is 02.61 Americen Megatrends Inc. So I guess I should look at the AMI beep codes? But it has no repeated short beeps code...

I've been trying diffrent slots and sticks of memory I have 4 2gb corsair 6400 that I've been using. Now to see if it'll boot I've just tried 1 of them alone in almost all the combinations. I sometimes get a silent computer with noo beeping, but does not go forward after the MSI logo screen. 90% of the time however I get Repeated Short Beeps.
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  1. I just bought another motherboard, now it gets past post every time, but after post and the (non quick) boot it just starts blinking underscore ( _ ) in the topleft corner.

    The new motherboard is an asus P5QPL-AM frustrating to find errors with no error messages ;P
  2. AMI BIOSes do have short beep codes.

    Here they are:

    This is a good BIOS webpage -
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