How much is my Computer worth?

I have Custom built Desktop 1.5 yrs old, I payed about $1100 to build it, and i want to know how much can i Sell it for or people will be willing to pay for. I will probably sell it on Craigslist, to not pay Ebay fees. These computer can run any game, any program i throw at it.

These are the Specs:

Processor: Quad Core Q9550 @2.8ghz
Motherboard: Asus P5QC
OCZ Vanquisher CPU Fan
4gb of memory Ram
500gb WD hard drive Caviar Black
Nvidia EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 Super Clocked
Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Sound Card
Power Supply: Corsair 650-TX
DVD Burner/Reader
Soprano RS 101 Case
Windows 7 Ultimate (Fresh Install)
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  1. Assuming the OS is legally licensed, $600ish?
  2. I did a quick calculation of how much i would sell each part separately and came up with a total of $690, do you think if i sell it on Craigslist someone can pay that??
  3. Probably not. Did you calculate each part's separate value as new?

    I'd guess you can realistically expect to get $550. $600 would be a realistic upper limit to the expectations.

    Of course, it's only worth what someone will pay for it. You can always list it higher and decrease it if it doesn't sell...
  4. If i keep for another year how much will it decrease in price? or do you recommend me to sell it now.
  5. A lot. It probably be worth about $300 then.

    I'm not a big believer in buying/selling outdated computers. Everyone knows they lose their value extremely fast. What you could sell an old computer for shouldn't be a factor in the decision process. Does your computer do what you need it to now? If yes, don't sell it. If no, get rid of it and get a new one.
  6. I would wager to say that most people who are comfortable buying a new computer are equally comfortable building their own... so whatever you think it's worth, see if you can build a new computer for the same price and if the new computer is faster... well, you know you're overpricing your rig. I know 50% depreciation is a tough pill to swallow, but that's just the way technology works.

    The month the Nvidia 7800 GTX came out it was $600 and I bought one at that price. Now? Ha... I wouldn't pay $20 for it.
  7. You can probably sell the parts you will be replacing and put a little more cash and buy newer components IF you want a new system.
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