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hello guys .. i have a question .. i am currently using Asus M2N SLI mother board , i want to know does Asus M2N SL motherboard have
PCI Express 2 slot ? . i am new in this thing
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  1. Your motherboard has two PCIe x16 slots and not PCIe 2.0 x16 slots. This will have a limited impact on video card performance with more effect the more powerful the card and gaming resolution.

    Example; a 9500GT playing at 800x600 (no real impact) or a ATI 5970 playing at 1920x1200 (will see a decrease in performance)
  2. thanx for the reply .. so can u suggest me a good motherboard which have pcie 2.0 slots , am2 processor slot ..
  3. What is your CPU you plan on using?
  4. tecmo34 said:
    What is your CPU you plan on using?
    sorry for the late reply ,, i am actually planing to build a good gaming pc but i have no idea watso ever ..

    my current system spec r

    Mobo Asus m2n sli
    nvidia geforce 9600 gt v.card
    processor AMD Phenom x3
    2 GB zion ram .
    my system is 2 years old now .. wen i play games like Crysis n GTA 4 i get poor fps // even lag

    these r the thing i want to upgrade ( listed below )

    v.card Palit Radeon hd 4870
    (i want to stick wid my processor n ram)

    so will it make any difference ? or its gonna be the same thing
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