Ati 4870x2 problem gaming? oc maybe?

this is my 1st questions here.
this is my dilemma i have a good built pc and it stutters and has little lag when i play far cry 2 and crysis. i dont understand as on youtube people have not as good systems as me (not being rude) and they seem to be able to max crysis with no probz?
my system is:
q9550 stock 2.8ghz
4gb ddr3 1333mhz
75gb raptor
vista 64bt
antec nine hundred
ati 4870x2

i want to oc my cpu but i need a good fan any suggestions under £30?

i have been told these few reasons from other sources:
ati is not made for crysis you have to have a nvidia?
the cpu is bottlenecking?

any suggestions? thank you
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  1. well, max at what resolution. I am assuming at 1680x1050, 1920,1080, or 1920x1200. I have a 5870 and can not max either of those two games. Crysis kills everything, and Farcry two takes a big leap when going from high detail to very high detail. I was running FC2 at 1680x1050 on High at AAx4. There isn't much change on anything above that. And crysis, I don't even try to use AA, Just High. Those are 2 very bad games to try and run with all settings on maximum settings.

    Look at these benches, and remember benches dont always show real gameplay. I know I score higher in the FC2 bench than I actually get in game. In addition this test bed is an Intel Core i7-975.

  2. yeah im playing on 1680x1050 and sorry i didnt mean max but more like play on high settings without laging in scences of high action. btw what does AA in games do?
  3. AA = Anti Aliasing. It basically smooths jagged edges.

    READ -->
  4. ok thanks so whats the next step i should take?

    You have already had your questions answered here, please don't make multiple threads on the same subject. I just wasted 20secs reading your post, and another 30sec responding, thats good surfing time!
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