2*500GB and 1*1TB drive in Raid 5 array

Hi Guys,

I am looking to setup my computer with RAID 5 so i have 2x500GB drives and 1x1TB drive. I will be using hardware RAID via BIOS.

I realise only half of the 1TB drive will be used and i wont be able to use the other half but wondered, If i buy another 500GB drive at a later date will i be able to then remove the 1TB drive and pop in the 500GB drive as a replacement ?

Im guessing being its fault tollerant it should just rebuild on the 500GB drive but wanted to make sure before i commit myself :).

Any advice appreciated.

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  1. What you're describing should work just fine. RAID works better when you have identical drives, though.

    I don't know what your motivation is for using RAID5 but have you considered putting the 500GB drives in RAID1 and using the 1TB drive by itself?
  2. Cheers Danraies, I thought that would be ok but wanted confirmation :)
    Main reason i was considering RAID 5 is to increase read speed, I previously has RAID 0 (striped) but one drive died so wanted the same speed but fault tollerant.

    I like the idea of the Raid1 and use the 1TB on its own but not sure, Do you know if Mirrored Array would still give as fast read speeds?
  3. First of all, RAID1 will severely hamper your write speeds - there is no question about that. However, in read a RAID1 can theoretically be just as fast as RAID0 but whether you actually attain those speeds depends on the controller. Here's a thread that I followed recently with some interesting discussion:

    Conventional wisdom, though, says that you generally don't want to use a RAID1 for a boot drive. If you're booting then maybe another RAID0 but with regular backups to the 1TB.
  4. Yep been looking into it a bit more and as you said there is a fast read speed from RAID1 which is exactly what i want. Write speed isnt so important.

    Since my HD going corrupt on RAID 0 i have used it as an opportunity/excuse :) to get myself a 120GB Corsair SSD force GT drive which im going to use for my OS and a couple Games (mainly BF3).

    Ive decided to do as you suggested and im going to use the two 500GB drives i have as a mirrored array. Which i will use to install other Games and Apps on so fast read speeds are great.

    Then gonna use my 1TB drive for Data which i regularly backup to an external drive anyway.

    Thanks for your advice m8, ive be debating this one for last couple of days and you have just helped me make my mind up :D much appreciated.

    New SSD arrives tomorrow :bounce: Cant Wait :bounce:

  5. Yeah, that sounds like a great plan with the SSD. Enjoy!
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