A motherboard to pair with i5-760

hi i'm trying to build my first gaming rig(!) and im thinking abt using i5-760 and MSI GTX 460 1gb Hawk as my cpu and gpu respectively.
however i soon realized that there arent many p55 based boards that support SLI.
could someone please give me some recommendations on which mobos i could choose from?
preferably the board would be under $200 but im open to suggestions!
thanks a lot guys
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  1. i found a board just now that looks pretty good on paper
    Asrock P55 Extreme 4
    4 usb3.0 4 sata6/gbs

    is the asrock brand any good?
  2. Just be aware of this http://www.hardware-revolution.com/p55-motherboards-crossfire-sli-performance-problem/ take it that Extreme 4 would go on the recommended list like Extreme.
  3. thanks a lot rolli59
    i really appreciate it
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