Just overvolted my Northbridge.. Help Needed getting it back to normal

I just overvolted my Northbridge on a Gigabyte MA790GP-UD4H board for to attempt to breath some New life into an old Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition that I never bothered to OC yet. I attempted set the clock multiplier to x18 for the CPU. I also adjusted the multiplier for the Northbridge as well as the voltage. The default VCore voltage is 1.325 volts. I tried +0.050 or + 0.075 volts more and it was not stable, so I bumped it up another 0.025 volts, and now I do not get display to my graphics card. I am unable to go into the BIOS and read settings or change them now. My motherboard does have a Dual-Bios, so I might be able to copy over the default settings on the second BIOS and get it back. My PSU, and fans still come up, and when I put an Ubuntu DVD in the drive, I hear the drive trying to read the DVD I think. But in worst case scenario, I may have fried something :-(. What do you guys think?
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  1. I think you should try resetting the cmos jumpers or removing the cmos battery. Doing that should reset the BIOS.
  2. I'll give it a try. How long should I leave the battery out for? And should I remove the power from the PSU for that to be effective?
  3. 1. Unplug system.
    2. Remove CMOS battery
    3. Put it back in
    4. boot up
  4. Thanks! Everything seems to be back up in order!
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