How can I find a router w/ VPN & VoIP

My old router died and I am building a computer. So you gues I really need a new one. My home network has (will have with the new one) 4 desktop, 1 laptop and one laser print. I don't really use wireless connection.
I need a router able to change his static IP address (easily?). My old router hadn't a virtual private network - I do need an access to my other computer from one and Voice over IP (I think that most router have this feature, but I just want to make sure).

Someone proposed me this router (I had a WRT54G before):D-Link DIR-655.
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  1. Doesn't have to be a specific model of router as long as it does port forwarding. the DIR655 will work with VOIP. This is how:

    As for VPN, I think you'd enable it in the router firewall at the bottom of the web gui:

    If VPN won't work, it's most likely something else. Like a software firewall blocking VPN.
  2. Your right and wrong, most routers today use NAT to take care of this issue. All routers now come with QOS, which automatically makes voip traffic the most important data along the network. Followed by gaming and then stright up data. When you see a gaming router, the only difference may be, more cache on the router, and the firmware automatically puts gaming traffic first. So basically as long as you buy a router weith a decent cache size and some decent memory your going to be fine. As far as wireless N is concerned i don't recommend it, for the fact its not yet stable and not yet even considered a standard.

    I would recommend

    If you are going to get one wireless included. Then I have personally used and trust this one below.

    I think that is the best wireless router I've ever used.
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