Highest stable clock speed for amd phenom 2 1055t

highest clock speed for amd phenom 2 1055t while stable n mine is 3.0ghz so i want to know the best stable clock speed
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  1. and my mobo is gigabyte 880a usb3
  2. on my old 1090t i hit 4.8 with volt bumps. not very hot either...
  3. 4.8ghz is near impossible on a Phenom II line, unless you got what they call a golden chip. But most of the phenoms will clock around 3.7 - 4.3ghz in a real world overclocking. To get beyond 4.3ghz you need good cooling, and I mean good!
  4. 3.5ghz
  5. The OC sweet spot for the 1055t is 3.8 ghz.

    The max on the stock cooler would be about ~3.4 ghz.
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