OEM windows... What are the limitations?

I know about the lack of phone support, and that you only get the 64 or 32 bit versions, not both.

My question is how much upgrading can I do to the system in the future.

I just installed the OEM version of windows 7 - 64 bit on a new system.

What happens if 2 weeks from now a lighting bolt hits the system and I need to replace most/all of the components. Can I do that? How much am I able to replace before windows gives me problems?

Or can you replace everything?

Thank You,
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  1. You may need to buy a new copy in a total destruction case. Or if you can convince Microsoft of the problem, and get the exact same parts, they may allow you to reuse the license, but it's not a sure thing.

    The only part that really matters is the motherboard. The license is tied to that. Microsoft views a new motherboard as a new computer. So you can pretty much upgrade everything without having an effect.
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