The Nvidia 9600 1g vs Radeon 4670 1g vs GT 240.

I was researching the GT 220 vs the 4650 when I came upon the 4670, which was a tad bit more expensive. Upon conclusion, I did more research and read the 9600 could pull better benchmarks. Considering they're both in the same price range, I need to know which one would be more efficient for games without Full AA, but on high detail. I'm looking at 2008/09 year games.

My CPU will for sure limit them greatly, but I plan on upgrading those in time. I just need a card for the time being and partial future use.

Edit: I found a GT 240 for the same price as the 4760. Feel free to add info if that card can stand off against the 4670.
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  1. What is your CPU? Just to make sure it really won't cause any bottlenecks... in any case, I'd go with the GT240, only because it's a newer card and thus features better compatibility IIRC.
  2. Could you mention your full config along with your monitor and PSU with rating. Out of the three, GT240 is the winner for me. But will hold my comments till i see your full config.
  3. hello want to buy a Gigabyte Radeon HD 4670 video card problem is I have 754 motherboard with nForce4 chipset PCI Express v1.0. from what I understood going 2.0 to 1.0. Another problem is the 1.0 is transmitted through the slot 75 of w and the 2.0 is transmitted through the slot 150w and Gigabyte Radeon HD 4670 card in idle and on load pull aprox.70 w aprox.139w (as Tom's Hardware and others but official) as compensate for the difference in watts when having to play the the board has no separate power ????. or is it better in this situation with a different video card powered Taking into account that PCIe v1.0 slot transmit only 75 W?? thank you
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