ATI Radeon HD 4850... Will it Fit?

Hello all. I stumbled across these forums while looking for a solution to my concern of whether the 4850 will fit in my motherboard. I'm an average computer user so my knowledge of components is limited. No fear, I have installed CPU's, Graphics Cards, RAM, and so on before.. I just have never fully built a computer before. I'm planning on upgrading from an NVIDIA 8600GT 256MB to an ATI Radeon HD 4850 1GB and I'm concerned over the size of the 4850 and if it will fit in my mobo. I have been reading around and I read that this card needs an extra slot for it to fit. I looked at my mobo and I saw what I think is a PCI-E x1 slot but I'm not sure if they meant I need another PCI-E x16 slot or just any other slot. I think they meant any extra free slot because it won't be using that slot.. but I just wanted to make sure. Anyways, before I keep going I'll stop myself here and just post pictures of the motherboard and videocard.


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As I have stated above, I don't know that much about computer components so please bear with me here :D Lastly, if this helps, my computer is an HP Pavilion m8000n.
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  1. Well, given the photos you posted, they mean you couldn't have a card in your PCI EX 1X slot. (That little one below the PCI Express 16X). The reason for this is that the heatsink on the 4850 hangs over the other slot. So in terms of slot space you should be fine. However, make sure it will not hit that large chipset heatsink near the corner of the pci-express 16X slot. It looks like it could get in the way of the fan.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply.

    I looked up the measurements for the card and I read that they estimate it roughly around 6-7 inches so I measured 8inches while looking at the mobo and there was space. I'll check it again with the headsink in mind. What about the CPU...the computer comes with a 2.6GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ dual-core processor... I'm worried that my CPU might bottleneck the Graphics Car
  3. Yeah, it will fit in your motherboard, but you should be asking if it will fit in your case. Those media centers are a bit compact, and while the 4850 isn't huge, it's still kind of a big card so it may be a tight fit. Best thing to do is bust out the measuring tape and see if your drive cages or anything will interfear. You also have to worry about your PSU as you really do need at least a high quality 400W unit, or decent 450W unit, to be using a Radeon 4850.
  4. Yea I was worried about those Drive Cages I'll have to look up how much height the card has but I don't think it will be long enough to fall under the cages. I installed a 500w PSU in anticipation to getting a new graphics card :D
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