I5 build- final thoughts?

Here's a link to my build:

Going to pull the trigger in a couple hours and just wanted to see if you guys had any thoughts. Can't afford to wait any longer since my laptop keeps freezing and getting fatal errors just trying to play warcraft 3 :\

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    Could save $40 and get a HAF 922, or $30 and get an Antec 900.

    Other than that, there is nothing else I can do to improve that build. It looks great.
  2. Are you planning to OC?
  3. @ ekoostik Don't think so. Why I avoided the ecosticks of memory since OC is still foreign to me. I might play around with it later, but nothing too serious.

    @admiral: thanks for all the help you gave me via PM's last week.
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  5. Just wanted to make sure you knew that you wouldn't be able to run your RAM at 1600 MHz. Some people get 1600 RAM planning to overclock, some people get it without realizing they won't be able to run faster than 1333 MHz. With an i5 750 you can't run faster than 1333 MHz without OCing your CPU/changing BCLK.
  6. The thing is that right now the 1600 mhz sticks with CL 7 are cheaper than 1333 mhz sticks with CL 7. So you might as well buy the ones rated to run faster.
  7. If price is same or better, definitely get them. Just be prepared to run them at 1333 MHz. Running 1600 RAM at 1333 can have other advantages too. If you're up for doing some tweaking and testing you might be able to get them to run at tighter timings, or with less voltage.
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