Installed ssd now pc hangs at "starting windows" with HDD

I recently built a new pc and tryed an ssd for the first time. I kept the 500gig hdd unplugged until i had windows completely installed and then I plugged in the hdd. Now when I try to boot windows it hangs at the "starting windows" screen. It doesnt recognize the hdd in the bios... Is my drive dead? or am I a noob! it boots fine without the hdd plugged up
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  1. In your motherboard BIOS settings make sure that your SSD is the 1st boot device.

    If there are options for 2nd or 3rd boot devices make sure they are set to "Disabled" or "None".
  2. Its not appearing in the bios at all. the only difference when it is connected is that my windows wont boot. It says Starting Windows and hangs there forever.
  3. The drive is probably dead.
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