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I am a noob when it comes to overclocking.

I am looking to overclock my i5 3750K to about 4ghz. I have a cool master v6 CPU you cooler. will this be ok to cool my CPU? what should a stock CPU temperature be? and what should an over clocked CPU temperature be?

Is there also a way to slow the fan speeds down when the only thing the computer is doing is downloading?

My Specs are:
Asus P8z77 board
i5 3750k 3.4ghz
Nvidea GTX670 2gb OC
16gb RAM
Cool master v6 CPU cooler
Aero cool CyborgX case

*still a work in progress
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  1. we cant really tell you for sure what your temps are gonna be.....unless someone has the exact same cpu and cooler as you they could give you an estimate...my advice is to start overclocking it (read a bunch of guides before you do if you are new to this its easy to mess it up) and then run prime95 to check for stability and record your temps using core temp while doing the tests....you really wouldnt want it to get higher than 70c for a 24/7 OC
  2. im pretty sure it will do it perfectly, with no more than 6c hotter... so ur cooler will be fine
  3. I am sure you meant i5-3570K (not i5 3750k). Temps should not go over 67.4C, be it overclocked or not.

    Your CPU has Intel Turbo Boost Technology -- when activated it makes your CPU frequency to go to up 3.8 GHz, when need, so I don´t the point in overclock it to only 4.0 GHz -- you can try going further with your CM V6, perhaps 4.5 GHz, or more depending on your case air flow, and room temperature.
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