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I have a working q6600 and an older amd machine right now. I am planning to build a new i7 system, while keeping q6600 for rendering purposes. Here is the question:
I have a 500w Tagan power supply, and gt8800 video card to be used on the i7. But I cant decide on the mainboard and cpu.
My budget covers only these components, so please make suggestions according to the budget:

INTEL Core i7 950, 3.06GHz, LGA1366


INTEL Core i7 930, 2.80GHz, LGA1366

ASUS P6X58D Premium, X58, LGA1366, DDR3-2000

OCZ Gold Edition (OCZ3G2000LV6GK), 6 GB Triple Kit (3x2GB) DDR3-2000MHz, Low Voltage CL8

My main concern is about the motherboard. Stability is my first priority. I only overclock machines which are replaced by other ones. (so the time is nearly come to overclock q6600) This means, I will not overclock the i7 for about 2 years at least. After that I will try to overclock it as much as I can. But even i cant, its not that important.

I am considering this board because I think that if a board can handle overclocking well, it will be stable and produce less heat without overclocking.

The second concern is about the SLI opportunities of this board. There is a chance in about 1 year I can replace the powersupply and the graphic card, but it is unlikely i will go for the SLI.

Do you think this board is too much for my needs? Should I go for a less expensive option and make the rams 4x4 or 4x4x4? I also considered about the option of Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R, but since I read somewhere that when it comes to stability, asus is the better option, I give up on that thought.

I will be glad if you pros make comments and suggestions about my assumptions and needs.

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  1. If your tagen power supply is two years old, I would try to replace it now with a corsair 400-650w with single 12v rail. I would also go with corsair or kingston ram over ocz. 1600 speed is adequate; the ocz may not achieve 2000 with stability. Alot depends on your board bios and personal abilities. Asus is a good choice. I use biostar and asrock to save money, but that's my choice. Given the choice, I would rather use a premium power supply over a premium board. For the cpu, either one is fast. Fry's has the 950 for $259.99 in their current ad.
  2. I forgot to mention that. Tagan power supply is about 1 year old. And actually I am quite fond of it, cause it is very silent and there are ports to plug the cables. I only plug the necessary power cables so it helps to keep inside neat.
    I wasnt know the instability issue of ocz. So you say I should stay at 1600mhz to keep it stable right?
    These are good to know. What about mainboard? Asus is a good choice but what about the model? Is it suitable for my specific needs?
    Moreover, I have suffered too much while building a pc. And most of the time I was hasty and consequences were heavy. It would be nice if someone would share her own rig's specifications which has proven itself stable.
  3. I'm using a biostar 1156 h55 board, so I have no experience with the i7 1366 boards. Sorry I can't help you more.
  4. okay, you already helped enough. Thanks for your interest.
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