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So I was looking at CPU Z and saw my command rate being 2. And I looked at another thread at same time:
His Commandrate is 1, yet has practically same corsair memory as I do. Do I benefit from lower command rate, or is higher command rate better?
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  1. Explained in this thread.

    Anyways, most memory is at a command rate of 2.
  2. Which memory is your?

    Lower command rate is faster, however each memory kit/stick has its own timing. Since 1999 memories modules come with serial presence detect (SPD), which is the way CPU-z and other software automatically detect the memory timing.

    If CPU-z says your command rate is 2, then it is very likely it is in fact 2, but you can tweak it manually through Bios, but your system can get unstable, and get crashes if you do not know what you are doing.

    If your memory kit has XMP profile, then you can set it to XMP in the Bios for higher-performance memory timings, tough I am quite sure the command rate will remain 2.
  3. Changing command rate to lower and not having no idea what it does gave no start.
    Had to use motherboards Mem OK! button to boot workin.
  4. Command rate at 1T will be faster, but most memory can't cope with it at 1T, If you only have 2 stick of memory 1T probably will or will not work, 4 sticks or more, 2T will more then likely be the only thing that you can do. 1T vs 2T, there isn't much difference, if you want a difference, best bet would be to get faster ram with tight timings.
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