Will ASUS P5VDC-MX support i7?

Hello. I'd like to upgrade my processor to one of the new i7-860 2.8GHz models. My current mobo is an ASUS p5VDC-MX and it's several years old. Can I get away with installing the i7 in that? It's a socket 775 board so the chip will fit, but I'm wondering if there's anything about it that might impair the performance of the i7, given that it's kind of old.


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  1. You motherboard will not support an i7 CPU. You need to purchase either a LGA 1156 or LGA 1366 socket motherboard. They won't work with a LGA 775 socket motherboard.
  2. If you want to run an i7-8xx, what you need is a LGA1156 mobo.
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