Which HS should i use?

I recetnly got two LGA 775 aftermarket heatsinks. I have a E3300 that I have been trying to OC for a while but the temps are way too high (even with slight OC) on the stock cooler. I have heard that this CPU can OC quite a bit and want to try at least 3ghz or higher if possible.

The heatsinks are the the Glacier Tech Igloo 5610 Silent

I wasn't able to find the model number or any specs are the other one so here are some pics :??:
Its by AVC thermal solutions, all i could get off it)

If its ends up the Glacier tech is better, is there an oreintation for it to be most effective.

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  1. *update*
    I put in the unamed one and its keeps prime95 temps on OC 3.1ghz arround 60c (1 hour only)
    Is that temp good enough to not justify tearing my whole system apart just to slap the other cooler on?
  2. still fine and save .. keep it .. test again 2hours use Prime95
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