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I've just moved into a new place and doing it up. Also would like to build myself a new desktop. It will probably be a dual boot ubuntu/windows 7.
How feasible is it to combine a HTPC and a desktop?

I would like to work on the pc for general internet/programming on a monitor over dvi-d cable,
while someone else watches a movie across a hdmi cable to an LED TV - ie. the movie would be playing on the extended desktop.

So I'm just asking is it generally possible/ have other people done it successfully?

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  1. An HTPC at it's heart is a desktop that is just hooked up to a TV. Typically, it's more specialized for video storage and as a DVR. So it is very easy to use it as your main PC. That's what I'm doing now (minus the extra monitor).

    It will take nothing special. I would stick in a new ATI HD 5xxx series GPU for the ease of setting up multiple monitors. Assuming you're not gaming, an HD 5670 or 5750 would be enough, and 5770 would be good as a light gaming card.
  2. Thanks
  3. If you want to get exact components, you might want to start a new thread following the guidelines from the link in my signature.
  4. ye, I was just looking up the 5770 and I'd say its in my budget. I just need to do a bit more thinking about it.

    Just wanted proof of concept. Now I can see if I can have the pc and TV within 10m of each other (that seems to be the max reasonable distance, or 20m with a booster for hdmi cable (but thats alot of expensive cable!)).
  5. HDMI cable doesn't need to be expensive. Check out Very reasonable prices for cables of all sorts. (Although 10-20m is definitely a price jump over more standard setups.)
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