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hi, i am looking for some advice.

currently i have a single port modem/router taking the DSL phone line as input and outputting an ethernet line for my computer. Since my initial sign on with my ISP ive had the need to have multiple computers on the internet at the same time, my question been:

should i:

a) by a wireless router and have a modem/router -> wireless router set up.. im not to sure on how easy this would be to set up


b) buy a wireless modem/router and not use my current one at all

(btw im aussie if that changes anything)
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  1. The conventional answer would be to add a wireless access point to the modem router.

    However an integrated ADSL modem/router with wireless (usually just called a wireless router) probably costs about the same new or less.

    So you might as well use it to entirely replace the existing setup, assuming you know how to input the correct WAN setting to work with your ISP.
  2. hi thanks for the reply.

    i was just wondering for opinions on brands

    netgear, dlink or belkin, they all seem to be the same $$ wise.

    and should i get an N or G wireless router
  3. Probably best to get N but to be safe get wireless adapter of same brand as router.

    I would consider Netgear, Linksys, DLink.
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