Aftermarket Cooling for CPU on GA-p55-UD3R MOBO


Can you help me, I've just bought an i7 860 on a GA-p55-UD3R MOBO, my RAM has no heat spreaders and i'm looking to replace the retail CPU fan with an aftermarket one, i'm not overly fussed something too hardcore, but would like some suggestions on things that people have ACTUALLY USED that will clear the RAM.

Thanks for your help
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  1. I would spend a little extra and get a 120MM HSF... Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus
  2. ^+1 for Hyper 212+. The 120mm fan clears my RAM in slots 0 and 1 (GSkill with heatspreaders), although I have 2-3 mm clearance from the top of the heatspreader to the side of my case.
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