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Lian li PC-62B Case Motherboard Standoff Screws?

Last response: in Components
April 9, 2010 1:28:54 AM

I am about to undertake my first ever system build. I was advised to get a Lian li PC 62-B case, and upon opening it, I found a box of various screws but no Standoff screws to mount the motherboard. However, I found several "C" or "U" shaped clips, that look like they hook into thin slots, and have a screw thread opening at one end. If I were able to slip these into parallel slots, I could see using them as standoffs by screwing the mb screws into the threaded opening. The problem is that the mounting panel has several normal screw holes with some marked with capital A's, and a few oval race track like openings.

I called the company and the girl said they don't have standoffs for my model 62B, only 6B. I also asked her if there was supposed to be a parts reference sheet and she said no. Does anyone have this particular case or is anyone familiar with it and how to mount the MB? Thanks. Tom

March 3, 2011 4:05:44 AM

These Lian Li standoffs are unusual. They seem rather proprietary as I've been searching for them and found few sources. They work well, though you may want to tape the base on the mounting board for greater security.

Once you get a Lian Li case, you have to use these, while everyone tells you to just screw in the very common brass standoffs. Screw the standoffs into air?

I went to a PC shop today where the salesman was gracious enough to provide me with a few standoffs of various designs -- even the "Lian Li kind." The trouble was these clip-in standoffs, while shaped like Lian Li's, are too big to fit through the rectangular holes.

This is information I've newly acquired after securing a new micro-ATX mobo into my old, super-huge case.

These standoffs are available here:

I checked out the video. It's certainly a beautiful gamer's case, but the mobo is mounted using threaded standoffs, not the clip-in kind.