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I`m not sure if this is the right thread to ask this,but here`s my problem-

When i click the standby button on my pc, it appears to go into standby mode, but when i try to turn it on again, usually by clicking a mouse, i hear the fans are working but the monitor stays black. The bigger problem is,that the computer doesn`t respond to anything anymore,not even the shutdown button, and the only way to turn it off is to pull the plug altogether. Once plugged back in it can be turned on by the on button, and works fine.I use windows xp,and haven`t changed anything in the power options settings not before nor since this started happening. It`s really frustrating,as i really need to use the standby mode. Please help, thank`s in advance..
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  1. Reinstall Xp clean and then notify me if you have the same prob
  2. the thing is, i have reinstalled it recently, and this started happening shortly after,so i don`t know if it will work,but i`ll try again.thanks
  3. open your cpu and remove your ram ..clean the slot then out the ram back to its slot...
    The reason of yoyr problem might be due to the fungus in the slote....try this
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