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I have a home built PC w/ a Foxconn 865 g7mf motherboard currently witha 3.2 P4. intel sock 775 What compatiple Dual duo core processors are Ok?
I Plan on installing E7500 Core 2 duo on a win7 64
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    You will find that information on the motherboard manufacturer's website. Look up your model, then find a CPU compatibility list. If they don't have one on the site, let us know and I will see what I can find.
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  3. THANX..

    I just did..shows no Intel Duo Core 2 at all. FSB on board is 800 ..The DCduo is 1333. and the boards that support it are ddr2.

    Oh beats experimenting b4 Id open the box. I guess ill pu a newer Intel 775 compat. MOBO. I was almost going to try it for the heck of it, but why bother, The MOBO is over 5 years old, who knows what kind of fire id start. I'd just clean installed WIN7Home 64 bit also. What a diff over Win2000.!
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