EVGA GTX 470 Superclocked Overclocking results

So i'm curious if i'm doing something wrong as far as using MSI Afterburner

I have 2 GTX 470's superclocked edition in SLI

Using MSI afterburner at 1.037MV I can get my core clock up to 775MHz and Memory clock to 1752MHz stable

After seeing alot of other peoples results around other forums people are saying they can get 800MHz Core Clock and over 1800MHz Memory clock

For example:

That's a youtube video of someone with a standard EVGA Gtx 470 not even superclocked hitting 800mhz core and 1910mhz memory with benchmarks with several programs. Am I doing something wrong as far as using MSI afterburner?
I've seen other results similar as well with 1800mhz memory etc in other forums. I've even tried upping the Core Voltage to 1.050 to achieve these results and I still crash, same with memory clocks. Any Advice? Under full load at my current settings my 1st graphics card is usually between 80-85c, 90c at the max, my 2nd gfx card is about 7-10 degrees under that. I can provide additional info ill try to reply asap if you need additonal information. Thanks for taking the time!
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  1. Have you tried raising voltage higher?

    Aim for GPU clocks, not memory.

    REMEMBER, not every chip is the same!
  2. I havent gone over 1.050MVs as I am concerned for heat under full load
    I could try i suppose the max the slider goes to for me is 1.087
    Going from 1.037 to 1.050 doesnt seem to make a difference though for trying to get another 25mhz to be stable, i usually run heaven 2.5 in a loop for about 20 min till it locks up.

    Should I try upping the voltage then and see if heat becomes an issue? Under full load what should my temps stay between to be safe?
  3. Up the voltage.

    470's could withstand upwards of 100C :ouch:
  4. Tried upping core voltage to 1.062 with a core clock of 800mhz put memory back down to 1701, crashed during a benchmark in heaven 2.5, try more voltage i supposed
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