PCI slot burned out?

Need some help.

Built a PC using a Gigbyte G-MAX motherboard, does not have built in VGA. Added a EVGA 512 (GeForce 8600 GTS) video card. The system has worked for almost 2 years.

The screen went dead in the middle of use. The monitor no longer gets a signal. Tested the monitor with my laptop and it works fine. We replaced the video card with Dell ATI Radeon 7500 32MB AGP VGA S Video Graphics Card.

Still no signal to the monitor.

Any ideas.

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  1. Might be an issue with the motherboard? Try resetting it. Also, you might want to check if your power supply is still ok.
  2. The power supply looks good. Also swapped it with a different one with the same results. How do you reset a montherboard? I have pulled the CMOS battery to clear that.
  3. Does your motherboard have both an AGP and a PCI-E slot? The two cards you described use different standards for connecting to the motherboard.

    I would be cautious in saying it was only a PCI-E slot that went bad if you installed an AGP card in an entirely different slot and it didn't work.
  4. Both of the cards fit into the same slot. I received some tips from Gigabyte about the powersupply so I am re-testing with a third powersupply.
  5. Try it without your graphic card
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