Watercooled 5970?

Okay lets say I bought this card. I know the price is ridiculous but that's not the point. If I bought it what would I need to do to install it? Is it just preloaded with the liquid and I don't do anything? Or do I need to have a reservoir of some sort? Is it just open it up, slide it into the pci slot and turn it on or what? Google really isn't helping me find what I need. Thanks!
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    First of all it depends on which version you buy.
    There is one version that has a water block on it already: .

    But as you can see, you will have to have the rest of the water cooled system ready to install this model.

    All the other models found on newegg have a regular air cooled cooler.
    That means that all you have to do is uninstall your previous drivers, do a driver cleaner in safe mode, shut down the computer. Then install the new video card and then power on the computer and install the new drivers from the ATi site.
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  3. If you arent sure how the water cooling block works then you need an air cooled on. A good water cooling system will cost you around $300 and will require regular maintenance. A water cooling system generally has a resevoir, pump, radiator, and CPU cooling block, you would then add the water cooled GPU into that loop but if you dont have the rest of the components already it would be a very expensive upgrade and is only really useful if you intend to try to heavily OC the card.
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