My asus crosshair iv formula undervoltaged my ram to 1.55 volt and my rams are r

My system doesn't run the memory on 2000 mhz ef or 1000 real ( i currently get ddr bus speed 557mhz or 1100 mhz) (everest ultimate edition) .. what can i do ?
Crosshair IV formula
Kingston hyper-x 2000mhz CL9 2X2gb (dual channel)
xfx 5870
corsair pro series 750 watt
windwos 7 64 bit
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  1. Have you tried to set proper settings in BIOS? Usually, there are some kind of default settings that a memory module is programed to run with that are lower than the advertised settings. In such cases one may change the settings to the adverised ones in BIOS.
  2. i changed voltage from 1.55 to 1.65 (default package voltage) but nothing happend . I wonder if i change cpu to ram ratio ...
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    Did you change speed and timings? If RAM settings are set to Auto, change them to manual and change timings and speed of RAM to appropriate numbers. Don't forget to save settings in BIOS before restarting.
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