Parts in hand - help with order of install

I have my parts, and a plan of what I want, but how I get there is the question.

I have an i7-860 build. I have a 1tb Caviar Black HD and two 30gb OCZ Vertex SSDs that I want to set up in RAID 0

I have a Windows 7 upgrade disc (and a windows XP disc if it is needed to verify for the "upgrade")

So what order should I do this in?

I set up the SSD's to RAID 0 in the Bios and then just boot from the windows DVD and install away?

Is it that easy?

I assume windows 7 will offer to format the drives first and then install.

Thought I would ask the question before I start messing around too much.

My first time with Sata, first time SSD's, first time with Raid 0 and first time with windows 7, this should be fun.
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  1. If ive got this straight, u have the pc up and running, and you would like to install a 1tb caviar, and 2 ssds in raid 0. correct me if im wrong.

    im not sure that in an upgrade, you can choose to instal on a different drive, u will have to install the ssds, setup raid, clone the system drive to the raid array with a partitin manager, remove the old sysem drive, boot into xp while its on the array and start the install from there, good luck, i dont xpect ull be going to sleep until 2morro morning.
  2. I don't have windows 7 installed anywhere yet. I just bought the upgrade disc since it was cheaper and I own windows xp so I'm entitled to it.

    The PC is is not up and running. its just connected parts right now :-) I need to bring it to life.....
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    ok, install all hdds, set up the raid array etc, now because its win 7 upgrade, you cant boot into te installation, so ull ave to install xp or vista then upgrade.
  4. I've read online that I can do a fresh install with the win 7 upgrade disc so I'll give it a try.

    you answered my question though which is just setup the raid array in the bios and then install. I wasn't sure about that.
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