How To Find Lowest CPU VID For Overclock

Hey guys. I'm going to overclock my AMD FX-4100 and I'd like to know what's the method for finding the lowest value for CPU VID.

I read this guide and it says to begin by targeting your desired OC frequency with the multiplier and set a high CPU VID. If that OC is stable then start to decrease to CPU VID until a fail to "POST" and then raise the CPU VID after OC recovery.

Now if I'm reading this correct the Gigabyte BIOS has to recover itself. This doesn't sound appealing to me, first off all because I'm not using a GB board. I'm using an ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 AMD 970 with UEFI.

So what methods are the of finding the lowest CPU VID I'll need for the OC I want to achieve? Am I reading that tutorial correctly? Should I do it the same way with the ASUS board?

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  1. find settings that will boot, start a stress test (linx is my recommendation, folding@home gives me the most heat though)... if the stress test fails, raise the voltage till it doesn't, and if your oc fails to POST, hold down the power down button till it shuts off and it should let you boot.
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