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i just bought a new pc with 2 wd hdd. i tried installing linux centos on a hdd but after formatting linux gives error saying "an error occured while trying to format volgroup00/logvol00. this is a serious error and cant continue installation". i then tried to install on second hard disk and it worked.
then after booting into linux, i made a single partition of that problematic drive, and formatted it using ext3. but after formatting the disk disappears from "fdisk -l". after restarting the disk finally shows up. i then tried to mount the drive but gets the error like "bad magic number in super block ..."
i have repeated the above procedure several times but the problem persist. please help??
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  1. the problem is when i try to format the second hdd after booting into the linux, the hdd then disappears from "fdisk -l". also i checked from system->administration->hardware to see the file format of the second hdd, it shows no file system type
  2. Instead of fdisk, try Gparted.
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