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Hey guys, I'm looking to build a PC, and I have the parts that I need but I was wondering if you could give me an idea on when prices usually drop for items. I'm looking at Intel CPU's, Nvidia or ATI GPU's, motherboards, etc. Is there a general time in the year where prices of these things go down?

Thanks a lot for the help.
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  1. About a month after you buy them.
  2. Lol, that's terrible. Would it be worth waiting now to buy parts later, or just buy 'em despite the price not being at the lowest point?
  3. Seriously, it is best to buy most parts close to the time you will use them. Technology prices continuously drop. Supply and demand still rules.

    Planning ahead, though, be on the lookout for deals on cases. Cases do not change much. PSU's also. Antec often has good sales and rebates. Couple that with free delivery and you can't go wrong buying early.

    High end graphics cards will be expensive for early adopters. Wait two months on those if you can.

    SSD prices and technology are changing by the week. Intel will sample 25nm chips next quarter. By the end of the year, expect price/performance to improve greatly. My two month rule will apply on them for the next two years.
  4. Intel customarily drops at end of February.....

    GFX generally drops when competition arrives ... figure mid march at earliest......

    New MoBos generally arrive within a month or two of new CPU's (March - April)
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